29 MARCH 2021





Let’s Rock Facebook Ad Campaign Fundamentals

Want to learn more about Facebook Ad Campaign hacks? Here’s another article inspired by recent affiliate conferences. So grab a cup of coffee (tea?) and have a look at what we’ve got for you. 😉 Each industry has its own basic rules — fundamentals — and you can’t become an expert in something without that basic knowledge. This is true for Facebook ads too. We have discovered 5 basic rules that will give you a better understanding of the industry and make your chances for success a lot higher.

Rule #1

  • Always create your ad content in “Page Posts” Area in Business Manager;

  • Grab post ID and boost it from power editor;

Major benefit: when you duplicate your ads based on post ID — you carry over all engagement to that 1 particular post;

Rule #2

Follow this campaign structure:

  • 1 Campaign;

  • 1 Ad Set;

  • 3-4 duplicates of ads (remember, same post ID).

When you duplicate your ads based on post ID, Facebook gives each ad a chance to outperform the others and will push the most of the traffic to the one with the best engagement.

Rule #3

When testing different elements in a campaign ALWAYS separate ad sets:

  • Start with minimum 6-10 ad sets (start testing with images);

  • Always test 1 variable per ad set, e.g. when testing 10 images — separate them into 10 different ad sets.

Major benefit: you’ll clearly see which variable works.

Rule #4

Always give time to your tests:

  • Minimum 24 hours before you cut a crappy ad set;

  • Base your decision on link CTR and CPC;

  • Ideally, Facebook needs 3-4 days to start optimising ad delivery for you!

Major benefit: only advanced affiliates know this, noob affiliates give up after a day or two.

Rule #5

Use conversion campaigns:

  • Facebook needs 25-30 conversions fired back to start optimising for you;

  • Once you have a momentum going, aim for minimum 10 conversions/Ad set/Day to keep getting quality traffic.

Bid for conversions: set manual bid 3-4x more than suggested bid (here you can sense the account’s quality score). If quality score is high — Facebook will suggest you a low bid. Outbidding isn’t good with conversions campaign — no data to base optimisation on.

Pro tip: if you aren’t getting any traffic, even though ads are active — set bidding to manual link clicks!

We hope this was helpful and you’ve learnt something new. If so, don’t forget to share this with your friends via social media 🙂